37 States in the USA as of July 2024 still allow child Marriages.

Looking for Organizational Members and Individuals.

Join your State Coalition to End Child Marriage, or join Unchained at Last in helping to form a Coalition in your state.  Click on the link for your state below to see current coalition members and sign up to join.

Marriage laws in the US are controlled by the states, and most states still have archaic laws allowing child marriages, with devastating impact on girls wed young. 

California Coalition

to End Child Marriage

Washington Coalition to End Child Marriage

Virginia Coalition to End Child Marriage

Other State Coalitions to End Child Marriage

Consequences of Child Marriage

Research Studies show devasting impacts

  • Early end to education
  • Lower wages, poverty
  • Increase risk of Domestic Violence
  • Pervasive financial and emotional abuse
  • 4/5 end in divorce, death or separation
  • Increase poor health and mental health
  • Early and many pregnancies